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Product to sum trigonometry Identities Calculator

Product to sum identity

This calculator is an online tool for for computing the product of sine and cosine. Trigonometric identities are always hard to compute by our self and trigonometry has become an integral part of mathematics. This calculator serves to be very helpful tool in computing problems related to product to sum identity. This identity was derived using prosthaphaeresis algorithm. This calculator accepts two angles as input and provides product as output based on the option selected. Fill in the required field and get results at instants.

Product to sum trigonometry identities calculation


Formula used here

sin a sin b = [1/2]*[cos(a − b) − cos(a + b)]
cos a cos b = [1/2]*[cos(a − b) + cos(a + b)]
sin a cos b = [1/2]*[sin(a + b) + sin(a − b)]
cos a sin b = [1/2]*[sin(a + b) − sin(a − b)]