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Trigonometry Power Reduction Identities Calculator

Trigonometry Reduction Power

Trigonometric power reduction identity calculator is an online tool for calculating higher powers of sine, cosine and tan functions. Trigonometric computations used in real time systems like space research etc always require trigonometric functions in higher powers. These trigonometric power reduction identities are derived by solving second and third versions of double angle formula. This calculator accepts any value as input and provides the results using power reduction identities.

Trigonometry Power Reduction Identities


Trigonometry Power Reduction Identities:

sin2θ = [1 - cos(2θ) ] / 2
cos2θ = [1 + cos(2θ) ] / 2
tan2θ = [1 - cos(2θ) ] / [1 + cos(2θ) ]