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Short term Loan Calculator - Calculate Annual Percentage Rate

Short term Loan Calculator

Short term loan calculator is basically a financial calculator which computes the annual interest and your total interest amount for the loan taken for a short period of time. The loan principal amount, interest rate and loan maturity period are the key terms which are used to figure interest amount. By using this calculator you will be able to understand how much interest amount you are paying for your loan. Thereby you can plan whether it is beneficial to go for short term loans or you can opt for any other kind of loan based on your financial condition.

Online Short term Loan Calculation


Short term loans are usually provided by banks to business organizations to meet the inadequacy of cash in only in the case of genuine business requirements provided if the organization has satisfactory turnover in the past. These loans generally have high interest rates. Maturity period for the short term loans usually vary with banks. Some banks also ask for collateral security if the loan amount is huge.