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Financial emergencies - Emergency fund savings calculator

Unexpected financial emergency

Financial emergencies are ment to be unexpected emergencies, where we meet this emergencies without any expectation. It is always a good practise to be prepared for an unexpected emergencies with an emergency fund.This below calculator will help you to calculate the amount of fund required to be saved to meet with the financial emergencies

Emergency fund savings calculator - Unexpected Spendings

Enter your Expenses

In todays financial market has unpredicted job loss, recession etc. Experts suggest that it is always better to have three to six months salary in your emergency fund. Emergency fund savings is not only for individual, it is also for small, medium and large companies. Many corporates have their emergency fund savings for more than a year. Always be sure that your savings are should be easy to access when there is a event of unemployment or a major unplanned expense. Dont be too much pessimistic, but ask lot of questions to yourself life, what I will do if I lost my job, what I will do to pay my rent, loan etc. To be in short avoid unnessary expense and start saving. You can make use of this online mobile calculator to decide on how much fund one requires for his/her emergency savings.