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Linear Interpolation Value Calculator

Linear Interpolated Calculator

Linear interpolation calculator is an online analytical goemetric calculator for calculating an unkown value lying between two known co ordinates. Generally linear means straight and interpolation means to find a point within two given points and exrapolation means findig outside the points. Linear interpolation is also abbrevated as lerp. This calculator accepts x1,y1 x2,y2 and the target x coordinate as input values and provides the output y value which is lying between the two given co ordinates. Linear interpolation always finds its use in many applications including statistics. for example if we have a table of values and if we want to close a gap in it by finding intermediate values, then we go for linear interpolation. Use this online linear interpolation calculator to find instant results.

Linear Interpolation Value Calculation


Formula used in Linear interpolation:

Y = ( ( X - X1 )( Y2 - Y1) / ( X2 - X1) ) + Y1

X1,Y1 = First co-ordinates,
X2,Y2 = Second co-ordinates,
X = Target X co-ordinate,
Y = Interpolated Y co-ordinate.